Hi. I’m Logan.

I’m a computer science graduate student, financial analyst, and research marketing consultant.



Hi! I’m Logan. I’m in the process of re-skilling into computer science and software development at the University of Pennsylvania. If you’re interested, you can read more about how I spend my time in the sections below.

I’m currently thinking about bias in artificial intelligence systems, decreasing human work burdens, climate change, and more. I am seeking full-time work in software development to begin in summer 2021.

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A PDF copy of my current résumé is available here.


University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering and Applied SciencePhiladelphia, PA
Candidate for Master of Computer and Information TechnologyMay 2021
University of Pennsylvania, College of Arts and SciencesPhiladelphia, PA
Candidate for Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science: Computation and CognitionMay 2021


The following six courses comprise the essential core of the Master of Computer and Information Technology (MCIT) program at the University of Pennsylvania. With these courses, I built a comprehensive understanding of programming fundamentals, computer systems and architecture, and computer science mathematics.

CIT 591 - Introduction to Software DevelopmentSyllabus
Key Concepts: Principles of modern object-oriented programming languages: abstraction, types, polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance, and interfaces. Software design, software testing, pair programming, version control, and using IDEs.
CIT 592 - Mathematical Foundations of Computer ScienceSyllabus
Key Concepts: Sets, functions, permutations and combinations, discrete probability, expectation, mathematical induction and graph theory.
CIT 593 - Introduction to Computer SystemsSyllabus
Key Concepts: Computer architecture, C, Assembly, Machine Code, UNIX environment. How computers represent data, process information, and execute programs.
CIT 594 - Data Structures and Software DesignSyllabus
Key Concepts: Data structures: arrays, lists, stacks, queues, trees, hash maps, and graphs. Advanced Java topics: software architectures, design patterns, networking, multithreading, and graphics.
CIT 595 - Computer Systems ProgrammingSyllabus
Key Concepts: C, C++, systems programming for Linux, libraries for threading and concurrency, synchronization, inter-process communication, and networking. Concepts in modern operating systems: processes, scheduling, caching, and virtual memory.
CIT 596 - Algorithms and ComputationSyllabus
Key Concepts: Design and analysis of algorithms: sorting, searching, graph algorithms. General algorithm design patterns: dynamic programming, greedy algorithms. NP-Completeness.

My remaining coursework includes CIS 557 - Programming for the Web (Fall 2020), CIS 502 - Analysis of Algorithms (Spring 2021), CIS 519 - Applied Machine Learning (Spring 2021), and CIS 521 - Artificial Intelligence (Spring 2021).

I will also be completing a handful of remaining requirements for my bachelor's in Cognitive Science: Computation and Cognition.

Work Experience

University of Pennsylvania, Department of Family Medicine and Commmunity HealthPhiladelphia, PA
Financial Analyst, Business Administrator2016 - Present
  • Manage department financial processes including payroll, expense reports, purchasing and petty cash.
  • Monitor, analyze, and report on revenue and expense transactions, forecasts, and budgets.
  • Coordinate personnel activities including requisitions, hiring, and onboarding.
  • Administer clinical productivity reporting and financial incentive program for 30+ primary care providers.
  • Strengthen and maintain business relationships with external federally qualified health clinics.
University of Pennsylvania, National Center for Integrated Behavioral HealthPhiladelphia, PA
Research Marketing Consultant2016 - Present
  • Produce digital content for website, social media, newsletter, and research activities.
  • Design print materials to support faculty activities at conferences and stakeholder meetings.
  • Partner with faculty and staff to implement dissemination of research project activities to a national audience.
  • Project manager for development and implementation of Center brand identity and style system.
  • Presenter for multi-site collaborative meetings with related Centers at Harvard, Northwestern, UC Davis, and more.


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