Redesigning and relaunching

Published: systems

Yep, this is a blog launch announcement. And yep, it is 2023 and the blog-as-format is pretty dead. But I want a place to share what I'm working on, and endless scroll social media platforms do not spark joy. So here we are!

The primary purpose of my website has been to showcase my projects and CV to potential employers. This was critical when I was switching careers from restaurants to tech in the middle of a pandemic. I wanted to make sure that I was putting my best foot forward.

Fast-forward two years and I'm working in tech at a finance company in the Netherlands. I cleared the hurdle of getting my foot in the door in the tech industry. Now I have the luxury of treating my website as a personal project rather than only professional one.

On this reworked version of my website, I'll be:

I'm glad to have a place to share my thoughts and projects, and I hope you enjoy reading them. You can keep up with me by bookmarking this site, subscribing to the RSS feed, or following me on Mastodon.