Mental Health Inteventions Tier List

Published: wellness

In December of 2019, I was feeling the intense pressure of working two jobs full-time while also completing my Bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science: Computation and Cognition and my Master's degree in Computer and Information Technology. I was pulling about 90 hours per week, and had been for about 2.5 years.

My doctor and I decided to try adding an anti-anxiety medication to my routine. Unfortunately, this ended up causing a permanent neurological condition called oromandibular dystonia, and I had to stop taking all medications. So I went from needing extra help to losing the help I was already getting.

Enter March 2020, which you may remember as the very good month where nothing bad happened at all. 🫠

So I needed to find some new ways to try and help my brain out. The following is a near-exhaustive list of the mental health interventions I have tried, ranked by tier.

S-Tier 🌟

A-Tier 👍

B-Tier 🆗

C-Tier 🤔